Tailored to you.

Tender Hunting

Our Tender Hunting Service takes the hassle out of finding business and has been proven to improve win rates and save clients time.

Tender Writing & Editing

Our team of first-class writers provide clients with professional, top-quality tenders. Our editors will polish and tweak your tenders to perfection, making your bid shine.

Bid Qualification

Our Bid Qualification Service helps our clients determine whether they can bid and whether they should bid.

Tender Review

Our team of bid management experts are practiced scorers and will review your bid to ensure that it is at its absolute best before the submission deadline.

Win Theme Development

We help our clients develop compelling and persuasive Win Themes that will set them apart from their competitors, boost scores and dovetail their company ethos with the demands of the project.

End-to-End Full Service

Sit back and let us do the work for you. This service covers everything from tender contract identification through to submission, to include copywriting, editing and redrafting.

These services fit within our overall business development framework PlanFindWin

If you would like to know more about how we can help you win more business and maximise your sales and marketing efforts, then please email us at learnmore@newbusiness.dev.


Got questions? We’ve got the answers.

Can you provide us with an overview of your service portfolio?

  1. We provide Bidding, Editing and Copywriting services (for both Public and Private Sector Contracts)
  2. We critique previously submitted tender responses and give advice accordingly (for both Public and Private Sector Contracts)
  3. We support clients with a Win strategy and with tender-specific Bid Requirements. We apply our best practice approach; STAR(t)DIRECT(ly)™.
  4. We help clients cultivate a bid library; a modular, efficient library of bid material.
  5. We assist with bid governance setup; we help clients establish and/or refine their bid team organisation and processes.


How do you manage joint bid response submissions? What do you need from us?

In the main, there are two options:

Option 1: Fully outsourced. We draft responses based on interviews with the client (their management, sales and operations staff). We reutilise the client’s website content, product information and previous tender responses to inform the bid. We manage the bid and ensure that it is submitted by the deadline. Clients are particularly fond of this approach; it is easy, dependable and highly time-efficient.

Option 2: Editing / Copywriting only. For this option the client drafts the responses, which we then review, edit (extensively, if necessary) and polish. We predominantly employ a “remote support” model with our clients. We use modern technology (video, web conferencing, online chats and Dropbox) to exchange information and ideas with our clients.


Why should we use you?

We make public tender procurements easy.

We spare no effort to ensure that we deliver an exceptional and compelling tender response.

Your tender response scores higher; we help you understand how to make your responses fully compliant, to boost scores.

We align our approach with your resources; depending on the complexity of your service portfolio, you can outsource the complete bid submission to us. Alternatively, we can become a trusted party providing you with an additional bid resource.


Will you share our risk with us? Is your support something you expect us to pay for up front?

We share the risk. We charge an initial fee when you successfully submit your tender and then get paid a commission when you win the tender.


What makes you unique?

We are, first and foremost, business development experts – we have in-house sales and marketing resource to augment our bid capabilities. This multifaceted capability is a key differentiator.

We are one of the largest bid management and copywriting agencies in the UK, with more than 10 years’ experience bidding into the UK public sector.

We employ our own highly trained staff – this ensures reduced security risk and improved continuity of service.

We work both sides of the fence, so we know how to think like a procurement team.

We understand the public sector procurement regulations better than anybody else – we know how to make the rules benefit our clients.


Will my information be safe with you and treated confidentially?

We sign mutual NDA agreements with our clients prior to working with them. Data is stored safely, in line with Cyber Essentials. We employ our own staff. 


Can you provide me with proof of experience within my specific industry?

We are fortunate to have a very loyal customer base who have provided us with a vast array of reference cases that we would be pleased to supply you with on request.