New breed of global ICT and integration company.

Client challenges

Establish strong, sustainable business in the UK public sector. Working in unison with our client, we started in a relatively ‘green field’ with the aim of defining a market entry and growth strategy, setting out a sales plan with clearly defined performance milestones and reporting mechanisms and implementing sales and marketing processes to support successful commercial operations.

Target outcome and result

In fact, this represents an on-going assignment for us and one where we are pleased to be able report regular and valuable progress.

Learning highlight

Getting the balance right between effective selling and robust delivery is a real challenge. In our experience, few companies ever get it quite right, and fewer still strive with much diligence and creativity to try and achieve this balance. Part of the challenge for global companies is the pressure to create global standards, processes and service offerings that often run against the grain of different national market needs and cultures. Focusing on these tensions and reconciling them can reap great rewards, clearing the way to balance selling and delivery in a way that suits each and every national market all over the world. And why is this important? Only with the right balance can you deliver what you promise and that’s a key element of what all customers seek.


Probably the most significant new player to successfully enter this market in years.