A brave new venture offering pan-European mobile services to the business community.

Client challenges

Brand definition and delivery as a prerequisite to business start-up.

Target outcome and result

The birth of a unique and differentiated brand blueprint, incorporating powerful and believable core values, a compelling service proposition and catalogue of sensory similes and metaphors to support brand expression.

Learning highlight

Knowing what we’re good at and being able to convey this effectively to the people that matter is a valuable quality and skill. But for this to be truly compelling it has to be believable and this means also knowing what we’re not good at. Understanding one’s alter ego or ‘dark side’ is an essential part of branding. Without it, there’s a danger of creating the corporate superhero, which, whilst dazzling on paper and screen, fails to deliver in real life. So as well as all the differentiation, USPs, core values and brand iconography, keep it real and stay true to yourselves ;-).

A superb combination of innovation and pragmatism.