PlaybooksSince 2019, the Cabinet Office has published a series of Playbooks which describe the Government’s overarching strategy and tactical approaches to sourcing in general, as well as in key procurement areas such as consultancy and construction.

Whilst the Playbooks are designed for professionals across central government departments who are responsible for the planning/delivery of projects and procurement activities, the team at NewBusiness.Dev find that these insights are invaluable in supporting our clients to win public tenders.

The most recent edition to this suite of guidance is the Net-Zero Estate Playbook, published by the Government Property Function. Applicable to both new and existing public properties, it builds on the outcome based-approach of the Construction Playbook, capturing best practices and guidelines to decarbonise the built environment. The publication focuses on overall programme management and structuring, as well as identifying project-based actions such as using greener building materials and products across the public estate.

It is also important to note that, in 2021, the Cabinet Office also published Procurement Policy Note 06/21, setting out how suppliers’ commitment to Net Zero should be taken into account in the procurement of Government contracts. Looking ahead, a Carbon Reduction Plan will likely be a key requirement for tenderers in most (if not all) contracts, regardless of their value. This is a major development that many of our SME clients have had to rapidly upskill themselves on.

Therefore, we’ve dedicated a specific page that aims to help smaller customers create their first Net Zero plans. Learn more about this service here.