G-Cloud For Dummies (Part 1)

Confused? You’re not the only one. If you’re lucky, you turned to Google for some much-needed clarification and stumbled across this guide, which was designed to strip away the jargon and provide an exhaustive source of information regarding the G-Cloud, how to register and how to apply. If you’re unlucky, you’ve been staggering around in the virtual ether gathering snippets of semi-relevant information and are on the verge of ripping your hair out.

Don’t worry; you got here in the end.

While the G-Cloud programme has certainly seen mammoth success rates during its 5 years, with reported sales of £2,852,725,836 in December 2017, there remains a misconception that, with the exception of the Central Government Departments that are mandated to use it, its adoption across the wider public sector is still patchy. In an article published on Diginomica, Derek du Preez identifies that ‘old habits dying hard’ is an issue which continues to generate hesitation. The anxiety surrounding this is chiefly due to a lack of buyer and supplier understanding. Put simply, a lack of easily accessible, cohesive and comprehensive information on G-Cloud, the application process and its benefits.

This series of mini-guides is designed to combat this anxiety by addressing the lack.

What is G-Cloud?

In answer to this question, one could cite endless business lingo, with mention of ‘frameworks’, ‘infrastructure’ and ‘iterations’, without ever directly addressing the reason for G-Cloud’s existence. In the name of yielding better understanding, it would be more appropriate to ask not what is G-Cloud, but why is G-Cloud? You will be relieved to know that the answer is perfectly simple. G-Cloud was founded for the purpose of streamlining the public procurement process for buyers and suppliers alike.

In the Cabinet Office’s review on Accelerating Government Procurement, they identified that there is excessive waste built into the existing traditional procurement process from inception through to award. This includes: excessive amounts of guidance with too much variation, duplication and confusion over different terms; elongated timescales both pre-OJEU and during the procurement; serial-processing, inefficient engagement with suppliers; input-based specifications vs. outcomes and risk aversion.

At this point, any readers with experience bidding for a contract will be nodding their assent.

In contrast, according to some sources the experienced G-Cloud buyer and supplier can complete the entire procurement process in just 24 hours. In light of this, G-Cloud has been a revolutionary step in procurement innovation.

“In terms of speed, we’ve found that G-Cloud is a quicker, more efficient route to market than buying from any other framework.”

  • Andrew McHattie, Procurement Lead, IT Modernisation Programme at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

The Benefits

Through the G-Cloud, the public sector is able to buy digital cloud-based services ‘off-the-shelf’ in what is often referred to as a pay-as-you-go approach. This avoids lock-ins to expensive contracts and facilitates innovation, flexibility, as well as time and cost-effectiveness.

The benefits of G-Cloud include:

  • It is quicker and cheaper to use than traditional procurement processes.
  • G-Cloud is re-tendered regularly, so it is always up to date with the latest suppliers, services and information.
  • It is easy to register and apply to participate in the G-Cloud framework.
  • There are no hidden charges; prices, terms and services are transparent.
  • Many services are often available to try at no cost.
  • There is a bigger range of suppliers than any other framework
  • Buyers can contact suppliers directly with any questions or information requests.
  • There is no ‘lock-in’ – all services state up-front how you get in and out.
  • The G-Cloud eradicates the need for contract negotiations, an OJEU or ITT.
  • With G-Cloud, SMEs can compete with larger companies on a level playing field.

“The benefits of using the Digital Marketplace included being able to offer a faster solution for both our buyers and suppliers. In the past, our buyers and suppliers have commented that traditional procurement methods are slow and expensive.”

  • Neil Higson, Dstl R-Cloud Project Manager at the Ministry of Defence

Moreover, since its inception G-Cloud has generated sales of over £2.8bn, 48% of which was awarded to SMEs, which demonstrates that G-Cloud can be a valuable resource across the board, for suppliers of varying sizes.

The G-Cloud is expected to open for new suppliers to register their services and apply in April. You can keep up-to-date with the latest news from the Digital Market Place team or just drop us a line and we will let you know what you have to do and when.

NewBusiness.Dev welcomes new Director, Katrin Newman







NewBusiness.Dev are delighted to welcome a new Director, Katrin Newman, to our team.

Katrin is highly accomplished global bid director and a veteran of T-Systems International, Deutsche Telekom’s global IT services division, where she held a major client-facing business development role, leading global bid teams of up to 50 staff. During her time at T-Systems, she successfully negotiated complex, >£50m outsourcing contracts for oil, energy automotive and telecommunications companies across Europe, in India and Brazil.

“Katrin proved to be an exemplary project manager, keeping the activities on track, keeping the team focused and keeping the stakeholders informed. She enjoys a very high professional reputation with all those who have worked with her and makes sure her projects are a full success.”

Richard Neurath, former Vice President of Big Deal Management, T-Systems International.

“I am delighted to be joining NewBusiness.Dev and am looking forward to leveraging my in-depth experience and knowledge to help NewBusiness.Dev’s clients become even more successful and profitable.”  Katrin Newman.

Katrin speaks English and German fluently, and has a degree in Information Management and 18 years’ experience in the IT industry. Her expertise includes knowledge of full life-cycle software development, change management and IT & business strategy.

New Office!

We have, until recently, been collocated with Westminster City Council, a few yards from the Capita head office and a stone’s throw away from the Cabinet Office and multiple other Government Ministries. It was a great location and one that enabled us to regularly meet with our clients whilst they were in the area.

However, as Westminster City Hall is being closed for refurbishment we have taken the opportunity to expand, moving into a larger office directly opposite Waterloo station.

Our new address is:
Mercury House
109-117 Waterloo Road
London SE1 8UL
Telephone: 0207 960 2801

Some of the team – especially Stan, Sally, Nick and Kevin will continue to operate mostly from their home offices but the new space will create the opportunity for some of the team to get together regularly and to collaborate and work as a team to help our clients win even more business.

Office space in London is expensive and we are recruiting at the moment so it’s going to get very cosy when we move one more desk and person into the office but we all get on very well so I’m sure that we will manage.

All clients old and new, please give us a call and come by for coffee, as you can see, we have a lovely (shared) lounge space that we can use. We’d love to see you!

November’s Quality Assurance Satisfaction Score

Feedback and Lessons learned from our clients are at the heart of everything that we do. We take the post assignment feedback, review it as a team and then incorporate any lessons learned into our processes or knowledge base as part of a Continuous Service Improvement regime.

The result is a consistently high level of service and we are pleased to announce that this month’s Quality Assurance TQM is once again in the mid nineties (94% to be precise). You can find out more about our initiative here


NewBusiness.Dev help clients win £360 million in just three months!

We recently began a new initiative to ensure service quality is continually at an optimum level and customers gain a high degree of transparency into value for the service provided. Building on this, NewBusiness.Dev will from this point forward, start to publish data showing the amount of new business that our clients have won with our assistance.

We started to formally measure this in August, at the same time as new staff were introduced into the team. In the three months to date, we’re delighted to say that our clients have won contracts of in excess of £360 million.

We’ll continue to publish this data monthly alongside the results of our QA survey.

If you would like to know how we could assist in building your revenue pipeline or helping to close ‘must win’ deals, then please get in touch we would love to hear from you: rogernewman@newbusiness.dev

October’s Quality Assurance satisfaction score

Last month NewBusiness.Dev began a new initiative to ensure transparency in the quality of our deliverables. The new monthly Quality Assurance survey underpins the customer-centric approach valued at the company and the satisfaction delivered alongside this.

Building on this, we are pleased to be able to publish this month’s TQM score which stands at a steady and impressive 95%.

The analysis of continuous new data from the Quality Assurance surveys has brought several findings to light and we are adapting our internal processes and procedures to reflect this feedback.

Additionally, clients have highlighted that more support would be beneficial for the commercial element of their submission. With the team deploying the relevant in-house skills needed, NewBusiness.Dev will now focus more on assisting in framing the clients’ commercial offering.

More about the quality assurance score and the methodology used can be read here.

RM3733 Technology Products – 9 out of 9!

Busy at workCrown Commercial Service has today announced the award of their Technology Products 2 framework, a massive contract potentially worth over £4 billion.

NewBusiness.Dev’s clients were successful on all six of the lots for which they bid, with a 100% success rate.

This is the ninth consecutive Crown Commercial Service Framework NewBusiness.Dev has worked on where all of our clients won all of their bids.

Suppliers which were awarded a coveted place will benefit from several years’ worth of exclusive and specific demand, with greatly reduced competition. Indeed, we have helped our customers to win many mini-competitions under the frameworks where they have places.

If you would like to know how we could assist your bid on one of the upcoming CCS procurements, then please get in touch: rogernewman@newbusiness.dev

NewBusiness.Dev are in the News!

Following this week’s announcement to publish our client satisfaction index, NewBusiness.Dev have been featured in the news! CRN discuss how NewBusiness.Dev are combatting ‘opaque’ marketing with a Quality Assurance initiative.

All so often, Consultancies, Sales Advisors and Marketing Agencies hide their actual performance behind reference cases and client quotes; Promising a great deal but only delivering in select instances.

Bucking this trend, NewBusiness.Dev will from this date forward, publish monthly the aggregated client feedback from every single client assignment. To ensure public confidence in the results, the Quality Assurance Survey (QAS) score will be:

  • Independently collated
  • aggregated and anonymised to protect client confidentiality
  • independently audited by a qualified MIIA auditor from ISPB ltd.

This procedure will ensure quality control and transparency in our customer relations, enhancing and honing the valued customer-centric approach used throughout the agency. Customer satisfaction and loyalty will be continually maintained at an optimum level, whilst aiding performance improvement.

Roger Newman, Senior Partner at NewBusiness.Dev said: “Many of our Channel and SI customers already publish their performance figures but business development and marketing consultancies tend to be far more opaque. We hope that others will now follow in publishing their data and all up our game as a result”.

Tania Hussain, Internal Marketing at NewBusiness.Dev added: “This transparency is the result of NewBusiness.Dev collating independently audited, detailed and actionable feedback from customers.  This customer-centric approach ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty is always at its optimum level and will aid us to continually improve our services”.

NewBusiness.Dev introduce total transparency in the quality of its deliverables

We are delighted to announce that we have started to publish the results from our independently audited customer satisfaction survey.

The survey polls all customers that we have completed an assignment for in that given month. Customers are asked to rank from 1-10 our performance on a number of critical success factors/deliverables including:

  • Standard of work,
  • Consistency of work,
  • Attitude and approach,
  • The expertise demonstrated.

Feedback will enable NewBusiness.Dev to enhance services and also hone the valued customer-centric approach used throughout the agency. This initiative will ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty can be continually maintained at an optimum level, whilst aiding performance improvement.

Once we have learned all of the lessons possible from each individual survey, the data is then anonymised and aggregated to further ensure client confidentiality.  The results will be published monthly. This month the score stands at an impressive 96% and we will do our very best to maintain and improve this score over the course of the year.

More about the results of the survey and the methodology used can be read here.