Tender Review

For your peace of mind

What Do We Do?

Having invested so much time and effort into the writing of a bid, there is nothing so terrible as realising – post-submission – that you have overlooked some glaring, or perhaps even highly inconspicuous, error. There may be structural issues you have not addressed, clarification questions and answers that have not been taken into consideration, or requirements of the contracting authority that you have not proven yourself capable of satisfying.

These may be the difference between winning and losing a contract. In the case of the latter, all your time and resource has been wasted on the bid. This should not be taken lightly, as such a squandering of resource may affect a company’s ability to bid for other contracts and can have long-term effects on profitability.

At NewBusiness.Dev we employ a team of experts with extensive experience managing and scoring bids. We have a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of bidding into the public sector and the requirements of contracting public bodies. We take time to become intimately familiar with the scoring criteria for each individual tender so that we can advise our clients accordingly and review their bid in light of our specialist understanding.

The Benefits

  • Our clients are afforded peace of mind and feel confident in their bid.
  • We advise clients on their pricing offer, in light of our industry-specific knowledge of the market and their competitors.
  • We raise any structural, content or style issues.
  • We identify areas of concern and workshop them with the client to resolve them.
  • We have experience as scorers and, as such, offer unrivalled insight.

If you would like to know more about our Tender Review Service or would be interested in attending a free UK Public Sector Business Development workshop, then please call us on +44 (0)207 960 2801 or send us an email to learnmore@newbusiness.dev.