Tender Writing and Editing

For Polished Bids

What Do We Do?

Our Tender Writing and Editing services are founded on a comprehensive analysis of your company, the needs of the contracting authority and the requirements of the tender in question. We spare no effort in understanding each of these factors so that our bid writing service is entirely bespoke and, as such, as effective and targeted as possible.

We cultivate this understanding through the medium of telephone interviews with our customers, in which we break down the tender questions into bite-sized chunks and address them individually. Given our extensive experience in this field, we know what contracting authorities want to hear and are able to guide your answers so that they are achieving the top scores.

This collaboration process is extremely thorough, and affords us access to all the relevant information regarding your company and your services before we begin the writing process. The writing itself is subject to several drafting, editing and review stages, and is delivered by our team of expert copywriters. Our writers have experience writing on behalf of a vast range of industries, know the terminology, have a talent for writing compelling content and are well-practiced in the successful delivery of Win Themes. Our editing services feature a tracked commentary on your bid drafts, a complete polish of the language and a content edit where necessary.

Our writers and editors will collaborate with you directly throughout the process to ensure that you are continually satisfied with the work being produced.

The Benefits

  • You will have at your disposal a team of qualified and experienced writers.
  • You will collaborate with our writers directly, streamlining communication and affording you reassurance and peace of mind throughout the process.
  • We guarantee that the content you receive will be of the highest quality and free of error.
  • We not only deliver the content in a polished format, but also advise you on how best to answer the questions.
  • We conduct interviews with you which are designed to help you understand the requirements of the question, thereby improving your answers.
  • We do not use templates. All our copywriting services are entirely bespoke and original.
  • Our editors will respect the content of your work and polish it until it shines.
  • We do not specify a limit on redrafts. We will edit until you are satisfied.
  • Our editing and redrafting services have been proven to improve scoring.

If you would like to know more about our Tender Writing and Editing Service then please call us on +44 (0)207 960 2801 or send us an email to learnmore@newbusiness.dev