Win Theme Development

Showing you at your best


Every buyer has different needs and wants. As an example, while one contracting authority might value the personal attentiveness of a service provided by a family-run company, another might prefer a company that prioritises resource and scope. These factors play into successful bids in the form of your bid’s differentiation – this is what is known as the ‘Win Themes’.

Whether you are bidding into the public sector or the private sector, persuasiveness and differentiation plays a major role in the winning of tenders. Bids need to be compelling, focused and targeted. They should be tailored to the awarding authority’s needs and highlight why your company’s services should be chosen above any of the competition’s.

Win Theme development is fundamental to tender writing, because it differentiates you from the competition. In some cases, the company or organisation issuing the tender may receive an inordinate number of bids and identifying a company’s unique selling point can be taxing to say the least. In light of this, establishing a consistent Win Theme can be invaluable to boosting the likelihood of winning the bid.



  • Make your company stand out among the competition.
  • Identify and highlight the features of your service that will be most compelling to the buying authority.
  • Make your bid shine and increase your chances of winning exponentially.


Companies often lose their tenders because they dive straight in, ignoring the planning and upfront preparation that is the hallmark of a well-run (and likely to be successful) bid. When responding to tender, the old building adage of Measure Twice Cut Once really does hold true.

NewBusiness.Dev specialise in understanding the needs of both the buyer and the tendering company. We spend a great deal of time and effort researching the buyer, its stakeholders, decision makers and influencers. We then work with our clients, getting under the skin of the company’s operations so that we can identify the unique spark that will put your bid in the best light.

Once we have conducted a comprehensive analysis and identified your company’s key Win Themes, it is then the task of our writers to execute them. Our copywriters have extensive experience, a knack for shaping persuasive arguments and a proven understanding of how to utilise Win Themes to win a bid.

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